The motto of the Indoor Air 22 conference is

”Healthy People in Healthy Indoor Environments”


Indoor Air 2022 conference will continue the IA conference series with a multidisciplinary and holistic view on indoor air science. The motto of the conference is “Healthy people in healthy indoor environments”. In general, the themes will cover health outcomes, exposures, sources and dynamics of the exposing agents, new materials and development of analytical tools and sustainability of buildings.

1. Indoor air quality, health and wellbeing

Biologicals, gaseous, particles

Psychology of IAQ perception


2. Mechanisms for health outcomes

3. Thermal comfort, perceived air quality

4. Chemistry, sources, transformations

Indoor air chemistry

Material emissions

5. Monitoring of indoor air quality

VOCs, and other gaseous contaminants

Particles, fibres

Analytics and sensors

6. Ventilation and air cleaning

Novel solutions


Portable air cleaners

7. Control of microbiological exposure

Moisture damage and dampness

The indoor microbiome (sampling and measurement, bioinformatics, field studies)

8. Cleaning, hygiene and prevention of disease transmission

Cleaning and air quality

Self-cleaning and antimicrobial surfaces

Exposure to cleaning agents


9. Sustainable and healthy building

Energy efficiency

Renewable materials and climate

Intelligent design

10. Mega-trends and indoor air quality

Urbanization and the consequences for IEQ

Climate change and Indoor Climate

Aging population

11. Building simulation and CFD

12. Standards, policy, regulation

13. Others

Special built environments

Special applications

The conference will be also a venue for the other activities like workshops organized by ISIAQ STCs.