Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate

FiSIAQ was originally founded to organize the Indoor Air 1993 conference.

Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (FiSIAQ)

Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2020.

The association was established in the autumn of 1990 with the task of organizing the International Indoor Air 1993 Conference in Helsinki. Since the successful event, the association has been a trailblazer in the industry – its list of achievements ranges from indoor climate ratimgs to material emission classifications and cleanliness taxonomies. The material emission classification was recognised already in 2007 in EN standard.

FiSIAQ promotes the work aiming at healthy and comfortable indoor air quality and climate.

The association disseminates information from research to practice and aim to deliver high quality information on indoor air quality to minimize adverse health effects, increase comfort and wellbeing.


The anniversary year started off with the annual Indoor Climate Conference and a special anniversary gala night. The conference has been organised annually in Finland since 1987 and, from the very beginning, it has brought together a wide array of experts – scientists, technology companies, designers and authorities. The conference was participated by 1,300 indoor air professionals.

Another more practical meeting to deliver and share practical experiences among technical and health authorities has been organized 11 times in different locations in Finland.

English summary of the seminar/conference and 30 year gala dinner held 2020