is one of the country’s
biggest year-round travel destinations

Practical information

The organizers of the IA2022 congress understand any possible concern regarding travelling during this new crisis formed by Russia’s attack to Ukraina. Ministry of foreign affairs in Finland is monitoring closely the security situation in Europe.

Additional information to be found: https://um.fi/frontpage

Travelling to Finland is safe at the moment. Airlines operating to and from Finland are not using Russian or Ukrainian airspace.

COVID-19 situation in Finland

Download map of conference locations here.

Bus Transportation – free of charge

Daily from 13th to 16th of June

7:30  Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi – UEF Snellmania

8:05  Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi – UEF Snellmania

7:30  Scandic Kuopio – UEF Snellmania

8:05  Scandic Kuopio – UEF Snellmania

Bus transportation Wednesday 15th of June

15:10  UEF Snellmania-Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi –  Scandic Kuopio – UEF Snellmania – Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi-Scandic Kuopio-  Väinölänniemi

15:25  UEF Snellmania – Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi –  Scandic Kuopio – UEF Snellmania –  Väinölänniemi (program starts at 4pm) –  Scandic Kuopio – Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi

Arriving in Finland

Helsinki can be easily reached by plane or by ferry. From Helsinki to Kuopio (about 400 km) you can choose either plane, train or bus.

*By plane*   There are several planes between Helsinki and Kuopio. Kindly check timetables from finnair.com.  The summer timetables are published in early spring 2022.

From Kuopio Airport there is a public bus, nbr 40, to the city center continuing to University and back. Itinerary suggestions and timetables: https://kuopio.digitransit.fi/

*By train*   From Helsinki there are excellent train connections to and from  Kuopio and all other major towns in Finland. The summer timetables are published in early spring 2022.

From the Airport there is a train to Tikkurila station, commuter train P (runs daily/several times per hour)  from where you can get a train to Kuopio. You can by the  train ticket already starting from the airport:

*By bus*   Buses to Kuopio leave from Helsinki central bus station (Kamppi). The summer timetables are published in early spring 2022.

From Helsinki Airport You can take a taxi, train  or the Finnair city bus to the Central Railway Station in Helsinki from where it is about 400 m to the central bus station.

Taxis and car rental in Kuopio

Taxis are reliable and available from different taxi stands (airport, bus station, railway station, Market place , some of the hotels, or the hotel reception will order it for you). We recommend Taxi1 or VieVie.

If you wish the rent a car, we recommend Hertz, Europcar or rentalcars. Pickup locations are available e.g. at the airport, railway station or hotel.

Public transportation in Kuopio

The city of Kuopio has good public transport network. The busses run daily couple of times per hour from early morning until Midnight. Many different bus routes run from the city center (next to Market place, Tulliportinkatu) to and from the university, e.g. bus numbers 4,16, 21, 23 and 31 .

Itinerary suggestions and timetables: https://kuopio.digitransit.fi/

Purchasing the bus ticket: https://vilkku.kuopio.fi/en/ticket-and-fares/tickets-and-travel-cards

In summer also E bikes and E scooters are available from several drop off and pick up locations, also some hotels offer bikes.

Bike route suggestions:  https://kuopio.digitransit.fi/

Prices for E bike rentals and how to pay the rental:  https://kaupunkipyorat.kuopio.fi/hinnasto.html?lang=2

Dining out in Kuopio

There are numerous restaurants in the city center. Local restaurants using local products and e.g. wild herbs, berries and mushrooms, Mediterranean, Italian cuisine and pizzerias, Chinese, Nepalese and fine dining.  Tapped water is safe to drink and very often offered in the restaurants.


Activities in Kuopio

The lake Kallavesi offers beautiful landscapes. You can enjoy it from a cruise boat (departures from the harbour) or e.g. rent a canoe, SUP board.

Local cruises: https://www.roll.fi/en/cruises/  or http://www.com/cruises-and-services/

Canoe and SUP board rentals: https://seikkailukeskus.johku.com/en_US



The largest dance event in the Nordic countries will start on the 15th of June.  The city of Kuopio will turn into more vibrant city: https://www.kuopiodancefestival.fi/frontpage


Additional information


If you should need a visa coming to Finland, please contact the nearest embassy.

Additional information: https://um.fi/entering-finland-and-travelling-abroad

Power plug

For Finland there are two associated plug types, types C and F. Plug type C is the plug which has two round pins and type F is the plug which has two round pins with two earth clips on the side. Finland operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.