ISIAQ Summer school for students

Traditional Summer School will be organized prior to the conference.


Traditionally in IA conferences, the ISIAQ Summer School has offered an important platform for young scientists and post-graduate students to network with each other and meet with international experts. In IA2022, the Summer School will be organized prior to the conference on Saturday and Sunday 11th –12th of June.

During the two school days, the students have an opportunity to learn from the world’s leading researchers in IA related topics and polish their academic skills in presenting their results. Well-known indoor specialists with long careers in indoor air research will be asked to teach and mentor the students.

Tentative topics of the Summer School will cover topics like indoor epidemiology, microbiome analysis, indoor air chemistry and analytics, exposure to particulate matter and health outcomes as well as tutorials for academic skills in writing and presenting. In addition, a field visit presenting practical tools to recognize and solve indoor air problems will be included in the program.